Welcome to thelovelybreath.com  (Mindfulness, Meditation, and Yoga) simplified! I'm Kim Brockington and I'm so excited to share this new site with you.


My primary focus is for individuals  interested in meditation and very gentle forms of yoga. 


I have taught meditation and yoga to individuals 10 to 89 years olds. With a very strong emphasis on Meditation.  I teach several styles of Yoga, Pranayama, Restorative, Chair and Very Gentle Yoga. 


Moving forward with others and making lives better and happier through yoga and meditation brings me joy.


I am certified in Mindfulness Meditation through the School of Positive Transformation and also certified in Yoga through Online Yoga School.

I am  currently enrolled in The Chopra Center Primordial Meditation Teaching Program and will complete certification in Feb 2021. 


I have been practicing TM Transcendental Meditation for  over 30 years  and Yoga as well.  I have learned various forms of meditation and have been teaching for years. My focus is women of color and especially over 50 however I welcome ALL who wish to learn these ancient techniques and practices that make lives better.


These practices have helped me tremendously in my life and I know I can share this with others and help them as well. I primarily at this time blog, stream content and teach privately on line, more content and information will be coming soon. Also I'm available on line for at risk populations in workshops (on line only). 


 I"m an actress by profession but I have always wanted to share this wonderful gift my mom gave to me at a very young age. Meditation and Yoga changed my life and I wish to give that same gift to others and make it easy and affordable to all and hopefully change lives in some small way for the better with these precious pearls.

Enjoy Love and Light

Namaste' Kim

Namaste' Kim Brockington