You can do this whole sequence or ONE ASANA A DAY

Or WHEN YOU FEEL IT! Like at work in your office chair on a break.

Even getting up in the morning before bed just one!


Restorative Chair Yoga “Seated Soul”
Theme “ Goddess of Knowledge Within”


Quote “If Everything around you seems dark look again you may be the light”- Rumi

Purpose/Intention "Trusting Your Wisdom Within"


Yoga Philosophy Yoga Sutra 5 qualities that lead to Samadhi as faith, vigor,

stillness of mind, and intuitive wisdom


Chakra: Crown Chakra Color Violet utmost clarity (Sahasrara)


Peak pose Sun Salutation /Surya Namaskar /meditation


Mantra Om Namah Shivaya They Will be done


Music: Silence always best listening to the Ujjayi breath / Ocean / Steve Halpern / back to ocean and silence or a fun playlist of Mary J Blige, India Arie, Quincy Jones, for a change


Parts of the Body stretch lower spine hips back and core muscles good for digestion, menopause, balancing chakras, stomach, Sun Salutaion soothing to nervous system flexibility, hamstrings, shoulders, chest lubricating joints

Props sturdy chair on a mat for stability, pillow, blanket, blocks, towel

Health Benefits Especially for seniors ask about injuries unstable joints series especially in this class ONLY DO WHAT YOU CAN and modifying is always fine 


Meditations ohm namah shivaya


(5 min) 1. Pranayama sit palms up on lap (bell rings) Ujjiya breath/ 3 part breath/

regular breath short meditation /Set intention/ Quote

(5 Min) 2. stretch spine in 6 Directions
***Palms upward to ceiling Stretch arms up together palms on knees
warm up with roll neck then hold on each side
lions face
On chair Sufi Circle and reverse
hands on knees cat/ cow breathe
(3min) stretch/cow stretch marjaryasana
(2min) 4.hold back of chair mini cobra bhujangasana

(5min.) 5.twist /parivrtta utkatasana
(5min) 6.forward fold/ uttanasana /head down chair

variation Interlace fingers forward fold or use a towel

(5 min) 7. twist to back chair


(5min) 8.fold arms right to left twice elbows to each wall continue then eagle arms half eagle Ardha Garudasana

(10min) 9. Sitting surya namaska Sun Salutation prayer to heart up swan dive monkey pose hanumananas
reverse swan dive
prayer position etc. (Sun salutation variation leg straight out or back )

(2min) 10. leg stretches janu sirsasana lean forward towards toe reach for toe (3min) 11. chair pigeon kapotasana lean forward leg on knee twice

(4min)12.warrior series and side angle pose parvakonasana virabhadrasana
(2min) 13. balasana child pose
(15min) 14. Savana in chair palms up ending meditation deepen breath and meditation 15 min (1min) 15. savana hands in lap me chanting Giatri Mantra three ohms from class


Namaste Kim Brockington

"The Soul has it's own memory

and so does love"