My mom gave me the gift of TM Transcendental Meditation and Yoga  when I was 19 years old.  She and I still meditate together to this day.


I started meditating twice a day back then it was 20 min and later It changed to 30 min twice a day and I have pretty much been consistent for over 30 years. Rarely do I skip. Even when I shoot at 5am I'm an actress, I get up early enough to do it. But I started off small and kept building up to longer practices. Five minutes is better than nothing at all. Three minutes is enough to shift the moment ....I always say do what you can, you will know when you want more. It will just happen...just keep practicing.And be gentle with yourself.


Primordial Sound Meditation came into my life through the Chopra Center and my meditations have become even deeper like floating to the deepest depths of the ocean and coming back with pearls and diamonds from the sweetest part of the ocean.


So here I am now in 2021. I have also been acting since I graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in TV, Film and Stage. Very grateful I have been able to consistently work as an artist and make a nice living in my industry. But I  have always wanted to teach Meditation and Yoga And I am so thrilled that I am now a Certified Primordial Sound Meditation Teacher through the renowned Chopra Center I am also certified in Mindfulness Meditation through the School of Positive Transformation.  I have also studied with  and continue to study with the incredible Davidji of the Sweet Spot Community and Davidji Academy.


I have taught meditation and yoga to individuals 10 to 89 years olds.  


Teaching and sharing my love of meditation has always been a someday dream for me I am grateful to give this gift to others as my mom gave this to me so very long ago and changed my life for the absolute best! 


I hope you enjoy this site and know that it will continue to bloom with more and more yummy things to explore. 


Love and Light Kim


Namaste' Kim Brockington.