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Self Care by Kim Brockington

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

We welcome February!

A great time to get a little extra self care and some loving in.

So I'm sharing with you an article I wrote for Heart and Soul Magazine

last year on some self care ideas.


An Asana A Day... Meditation and Self Love Go a Long Long Way.

No Place Like Ohm

Of course three asanas or an hour long class would be optimum. But as a yoga instructor once told me:

Just do one asana full out and that will be enough. It gets the ball rolling. Iyengar Yoga is just that with an emphasis on detail precision and alignment in asanas.

Incorporating gentle restorative poses as well as a daily meditation will help you gain clarity and calmness for navigating the ups and downs of real life. Always remember to pay attention to your own body, doing only what feels right. Yoga is not a COMPETITIVE Sport. So go slow but steady.

“I go to the vast undercurrent of the ocean to the silence

that passes understanding.” – Bluegoddess Love Poems

Collect quotes, affrmations, poems, and photos that empower you. Be more compassionate with yourself!

“Follow the signs to your own heart and love the Self you left behind.” – Bluegoddess

Try the mirror exercise compliments of Louise Hay.

As you are getting ready in the morning look into your beautiful eyes, say silently or out loud,

I love you, I really love you.

A little self love goes a long way. One asana a day, 5 minute meditation and reminders

of your authentic fabulous Goddess self!

“I am yummy

that’s what I told my luscious

big thighs this morning

as they rubbed and touched

and they squealed

with absolute delight.” – Bluegoddess Love Poems

As you light your candle from within, it gets brighter, and you have more to give to your family, work and the world.

Remember, “You are enough, you are the love you seek.”- Bluegoddess Love Poems

Some quick Asanas below can help:


Put a cushion under your head, with or without an eye mask, lay down on your back and put your legs up the wall. Get comfy, add music, ocean waves or just listen to your breath and stay here for as long as you wish.


Lay down with the soles of your feet touching together. You can put a cushion under each knee, hips spread wide. Put your arms by your sides palms up, over your head or in a prayer position

like the Goddess you are. Breathe, pray, take this time to listen and ask “What do I want?” Listen to the answers that arise.


Is a pose that rejuvenates body, mind and spirit. Lay on your back with palms turned up by your sides, feet a foot apart going outward, closed eyes. You can tense and release each body part working your way up. Or just breathe. Stay here as long as you wish. Rest and restore.

Add MEDITATION into your daily routine:

Just 1 to 5 minutes of meditation can change your life.

Meditation is the gateway to the Soul; it is when the Divine speaks to you.

It promotes healing, self love and miracles (Yes, I said miracles).

Just 1 to 5 minutes of meditation can change your life. Seated in a chair, legs crossed or lying down.

This is my preference, the number one rule is comfort. Close your eyes or use an eye mask.

Listen to your breath or use a mantra such as So Hum and silently repeat.

Set an Intention and let it go in the silence.

I personally meditate 30 minutes twice a day and it has changed my life. It took time to get there. I started off slow and eventually it is something I look forward to and would really miss if I didn't have it in my life.

Do what you can do when you can .... a guided meditation is great, just listening to the breath, or using a mantra and slipping into the stillness and silence. So sweet!

I suggest the 21 day meditations from Deepak Chopra or Davidji meditations or what ever works for you.

Also offers 300 Free meditations. All awesome just like him. And that voice!!!

Both are wonderful and I use them as well still in my spiritual practice from time to time.

Because of meditation I am able to combat stress, make better decisions for myself and cultivate a general attitude of joy and gratitude in my life.

Keep extending the time and see how it works for you. Never judge your progress or compare yourself with other peoples practice. Your journey is yours alone. Be gentle with yourself. Meditation is also an act of self love. Spending time with yourself in silence and calm so enjoy it.

Do one self loving act a day; get a journal and write down thoughts, goals, desires and

what you are grateful for.

Just cooking a great meal for yourself, family, or friends is an act of self love.

Working out, a nice walk, a bath or shower by candlelight or just cuddle up and read

a good book or watch a fun show.

The idea is to be good to yourself and enjoy it! Eat some dark chocolate after that good meal.

Its February get some good loving' even if you give it to yourself!


Love and light,


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