You can do this whole sequence or ONE ASANA A DAY Or WHEN YOU FEEL IT! Even getting up in the morning before bed just one!

RESTORATIVE YOGA “ Rest and Restore the Goddess Within ”

Purpose/ Intention: Rest, Restore and relaxation
This class will Alleviate Stress/ Anxiety and Create Incredible Calm while opening the hips, heart, and stretching the back for tension and tightness preparation all for MEDITATION on Who am I? 


Yoga Philosophy:  on Mahavakyas “I am the Universe” Aham Bahmasmi


Yoga Sutra  1.2 Yoga citta vrtti nirodhah…. Yoga is the practice of calming and quieting the mind of distractions and stresses of the world.



Mantra  SoHum or Aham Brahmasmi  “I am the Universe” 


Scent Lavender (at pulse points) Time 70 min 


Parts of the Body: Hips, Breath, Regulate blood flow, Alleviates tired feet and legs , stitches back of neck, legs Inner thighs, Stretches groin muscles, tightens lower abdomen, soothes internal organs, esp. lower back supported, Promotes better sleep stimulates heart improves circulation, regulates blood pressure, relieves lower backache, relieves varicose veins, reduces indigestion, tones kidneys 


Props: Bolster/pillows/ Blankets/ Eye Bag/strap or scarf /blocks


Music: Silence is always wonderful and powerful or Ocean Sounds or nature sounds 


Ring Bell Sound Bowl at start and finish 


(1 min) 1. Easy pose Sukhasana meaning Pleasure. (Blanket underneath for added comfort) With Hands at heart Anjali Mudra (Salutation Seal) 


(5min.) 2. Pranayama: Dirga Breath practice 3 part breathing
short guided meditation include yoga philosophy or quote also set Intention for Class or Life or Week


 So Hum meditation 
***( good for anxiety relief) 


(15min) 3.Supported Resting Cobblers Pose / Reclined Bound Angle Pose/ Supta Baddha Konasana 

(5min) 4. Restorative Mountain Brook Pose/ Salamba Matsyasana 

(5min) 5.Supported Bridge Pose Setubandha Sarvangasana 

(15 min.) 5.Legs up the Wall Pose /Viparita Karan/ Deep lake Pose 

(10min) 6.Supported Spinal Twist Bharadvajasan

(5min) 7.Dragon Pose Upavistha Konasana Paschimottanasana 

(5min) 8.Childs Pose Balasana


(15 min)  9.Savanana/ Meditation just to continue relaxation and breath work.
***( Getting in touch with the breath and releasing anxiety) Lie on back feet on floor blanket under head hands on tummy for mindfulness So Hum meditation Eye bag 


(1min)  Sukasana hands at heart remember intention/ as I remind quote/ yoga philosophy etc. silence and breathing meditation mantra Aham Brahamasmi  


Namaste' Kim Brockington

Rest and Retore